Using a Class Wiki to Facilitate Community and Linguistic Inclusivity Christina Bjorndahl, Carnegie Mellon A class-wide wiki was used in an introductory linguistics class to facilitate asynchronous student engagement. Students contributed to both “core” categories and those that address JEDI issues, and were assessed using specs-based grading. Results will be presented from pre- andContinue reading “POSTER A1”


Offline vs. Online Modalities in Extracurricular Programming Dawn Lucovich, The University of This poster discusses differences between a face-to-face and online language table at a public university in Japan, as experienced by students (n = 3). Semi-structured qualitative interviews were conducted and data were coded thematically. The main challenges were due to dialogic orContinue reading “POSTER A2”


Diversifying the Field: Activities to make linguistics more relevant Iara Mantenuto, California State University, Dominguez First generation undergraduates find linguistics at times abstract and intimidating. I offer a series of activities we can use to change the discourse in the classroom. We can help students self-reflect, apply the skills they learned to the jobContinue reading “POSTER A3”


Rethinking Extra Credit: How gamification can reduce grade inflation and strengthen soft skills Katie Welch, University of Texas at Gamifying my online linguistics undergraduate course allowed me to combat engagement challenges such as spotty attendance, reluctant participation, and assignment procrastination. By implementing a gamified “bonus level” with multiple pathways to course success, I reimaginedContinue reading “POSTER A7”


Course Design Principles for a More Diverse Professoriate Tran Truong, University of I evaluate my experiences with a set of linguistics-specific course policies intended to furnish PhD-aspirant and PhD-curious students with adequate preparation for their goals. There is special emphasis on demystifying pathways to graduate education for those who are PhD-unfamiliar or even PhD-intimidated,Continue reading “POSTER A6”